5 Best Chatbot Platforms For Facebook and Ecommerce websites

5 Best Chatbot Platforms For Facebook and Ecommerce websites

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·Dec 8, 2022·

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Chatbots are growing more popular by the day.

A growing number of businesses are setting up chatbots on their websites and social media accounts to automate typical customer conversations, generate leads, promote products, and more.

This growing popularity has also led to an explosion in the number of chatbot platforms and chatbot automation tools. These platforms offer a complete toolset to businesses and agencies who want to scale up their social media marketing game and make more sales.

All five chatbot platforms I cover in this article offer chatbot automation and sales marketing outreach tools for Facebook pages, Messenger, and Instagram; Web platforms like WordPress and Wix; and Ecommerce solutions like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Occupying the number one spot is my favorite chatbot platform which I have personally used for some of my clients' WordPress websites and commerce stores.

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Here are my top five chatbot platforms.

5. FlowXO

FlowXO features, pricing and review 2022

Number 5 on my list is FlowXO, a platform that allows you to build, host & manage AI chatbots. Using FlowXO, you can create chatbots for Facebook Messager, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, SMS, and websites. It works well with WordPress, Drupal, and Ecommerce solutions including WooCommerce.

"FlowXO makes it very easy to build a somewhat complex chatbot and deploy it across several platforms." - Customer review of FlowXO

FlowXO features

  1. Tons of bot-building elements such as images, video, buttons, and text inputs

  2. Message broadcasts and sequences

  3. Built-in live chat integration

  4. 200+ integrations including Google Sheets and webhooks

  5. Custom URLs for chatbots

  6. Free plan + free trial on the paid plan

  7. Easy-to-use dashboard with built-in analytics

  8. Integration with E-commerce tools like Stripe and Woocommerce but no Shopify

  9. 11 pre-built templates to create chatbot flows

FlowXO pricing

FlowXO offers two plans to customers — free and standard. Check the table below for features included in both plans.

Free ( $0 per month)Standard ($19 per month)
FlowXo for chatAll features
FlowXo for workflow5000 interactions
5 bots15 bots or active flows
500 interactions5 team members
2 weeks of logsDownload all user data

Pros of using FlowXO

  1. Easy-to-use interface

  2. You can test chatbots before deploying it

  3. Connect your chatbot with Facebook ads

  4. 7-day Free trial to decide if it’s right for you

  5. Good customer support service

  6. Hundreds of integrations

Cons of using WordPress

  1. No visual flow editor

  2. Doesn’t work with Shopify

My FlowXO rating

FlowXO is not nearly as powerful as the other chatbot platforms on this list.

✔️ My rating: 3/5

4. Chatfuel


Chatfuel is one of the leading chatbot providers for FaceBook, Instagram, and websites. It lets you automate marketing processes, generate leads, improve customer support via automated chats, close sales, and do much more.

Why use Chatfuel?

Chatfuel is excellent for automating repetitious activities and conversions in your social media accounts or website. You can set up various communication paths with your audience, providing them with needed assistance without taking up your limited time.

The platform allows you to create chatbot automation for Facebook pages, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, and websites. It works well with web platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Drupal, as well as eCommerce solutions like Shopify and Drupal.

"Great chat marketing software. The community around makes it even more valuable. The way I can bring leads to my organization now is way cheaper." - Customer review of Chatfuel

Chatfuel features

  1. Intuitive visual flow builder with a drag-and-drop feature

  2. Clean and beginner-friendly UI

  3. Apps and integrations (including WhatsApp, Slack, and WordPress)

  4. The dashboard shows the number of users, retention, activity, and popular messages.

  5. Pre-made templates for different tasks and businesses

  6. Chatfuel keyword — respond accurately to clients' and customers' requests and inquiries

  7. Comments autoreply

  8. Campaign management

  9. Automated publishing & scheduling

  10. Activity dashboard

Chatfuel pricing

Chatfuel offers 2 pricing editions ranging from $11.99 to $199. A free trial is also included in each plan. See the table below for details.

Business (starting at $15 per month)Enterprise (starting at $199 per month)
Free trial (first 50 conversations)Personal manager
Premade templates for 20+ casesCustom prices based on your business needs
Video guides and docsBeta access to test new features
Request new featuresMonthly reviews and assistance for better results
24/7 technical supportTurnkey solution based on your business needs

Pros of using Chatfuel

Here are the benefits you get from using Chatfuel for your sales marketing needs:

  1. Great user interface and user experience

  2. Fast customer support

  3. Supports both block and flow editor

  4. You can test the chatbot before deployment

  5. It is easy to integrate and you don't need coding, on a basic level.

  6. Has one of the best analytics software

  7. Great for data gathering - data available in real-time in Google spreadsheet

  8. Active community forums

  9. Very easy to use

  10. Timely updates made to the product

Cons of using Chatfuel

  1. Only 50 conversations in the free trial.

  2. A bit confusing to set up

  3. No SMS marketing features

My Chatfuel rating

Chatfuel has a rich collection of features and a free trial offer.

✔️ My rating: 4/5

3. ManyChat

ManyChat review, feature and pricing 2022

ManyChat is arguably the best omnichannel chat marketing software for D2C brands, e-commerce stores, restaurants, and real estate companies in the world. Despite being founded recently in 2016, it now powers 1 billion conversations per day in over 190 countries.

Why use ManyChat?

ManyChat allows you to engage with your customers instantly. The platform provides all the tools you need to solve your business's marketing needs.

It lets you automate conversations in Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS — everything you need to grow your brand.

Whether your goal is to generate more leads, automate your campaigns, or improve customer satisfaction with chatbots and automated chats, ManyChat has all the tools you need.

"Amazing tool for anything chatbots. Our page was one of the few with automated dm's where customers could reach us at any time." - Customer review of ManyChat

ManyChat features

  1. Easy-to-use visual flow builder with a drag-and-drop feature

  2. Clean and beginner-friendly UI

  3. 200+ apps and integrations (including WhatsApp, Slack, and WordPress)

  4. A lot of pre-made templates are available that cater to the need of different businesses like Gyms, Restaurants, Spa, Eccomerce, Health and Beauty, Real estate, etc.

  5. Built-in User, Role, and Access management system

  6. Landing page and lead capture forms

  7. Database segmentation for building targeted leads

  8. ROI, revenue, SEO, and web analytics

  9. Lead nurturing with drip marketing campaigns

  10. Real-time sales alerts over emails

ManyChat pricing

Free (0$ per month)Pro (starting at $15 per month)
Unlimited custom flowsInstagram Direct Messenger
Up to 1,000 contactsFacebook Messanger
10 customer TagsWhatsApp
1 team memberSMS text messaging
3 keywordsEmail
Instagram Direct MessagesUnlimited contacts and growth tools
Facebook MessangerUnlimited teammates
WhatsAppManyChat Analytics

Pros of using Manychat

Here are the benefits you get from using ManyChat for your sales marketing needs:

  1. Instant automatic Instagram DM's.

  2. Best customer support ever.

  3. Manychat has one of the best UI for chatbot marketing

  4. It also allows the developer to test the chatbot before deployment

  5. It's one of the most advanced platforms for rule-based chatbots with a lot of useful functionalities

  6. You can easily add a button to your chat using the drag-and-drop builder

  7. Connect Paypal and directly sell products through it.

  8. Super affordable compared to its chatbot competitors

  9. One of the best tools for Instagram and Facebook marketing

My ManyChat rating

I haven't used ManyChat yet, but people who have used it speak very highly of it.

✔️ My rating: 4.5/5

2. Tidio

Tidio features, pricing and review 2022

Tidio is a robust, all-in-one customer service platform for scaling your customer support and generating more sales. The platform offers a live chat widget that you can integrate into your site to engage with visitors 24/7. For real-time & automated engagement with users, Tidio makes it easy to create AI-powered chatbots. It's currently used in 300,000+ websites globally.

Why use Tidio?

With Tidio, you can easily combine live chat and chatbots to connect with your customers, automate conversations and generate more sales. It works well on a number of sites, including Wix, WordPress, and Weebly, as well as eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Ecwid.

Not just websites, you can also connect Tidio with your Facebook Messenger and create messenger bots, allowing you to send automated conversations with your contacts and leads.

The thing I love most about Tidio is its pre-built templates which you can use in your live chat for different sales and marketing campaigns. You can also create your own custom bot using Tidio's intuitive bot builder. Here's one I created for my client's Ecommerce website:

Tidio chatbot

The interactive flow builder makes it easy to create even more complex automation chats. Best yet, Tidio has a free plan that lets anyone try the features to see if best.

"Its cool that you see when an active visitor is on the site and even start chatting them. Easy to use!" - Customer review of Tidio

Tidio features

Here are the benefits you get from using Tidio for your sales marketing needs:

  1. The beautiful and customizable chat interface

  2. Fast customer support response

  3. Intuitive flow editor with drag-and-drop elements

  4. Over 300 apps and integrations

  5. Free plugin for WordPress

  6. Super intuitive interface for beginners

  7. Tons of templates, each with its curated message to boost sales, etc

  8. Keyword-based replies for chatbots

  9. Lead development and nurturing

  10. Vast knowledgebase

Tidio Pricing

In total, Todio offers four plans to prospective customers (see below table):

Free ($0)Communicator ($15/m)Chatbots ($32.50/m)Tidio+ ($240/m)
No credit card requiredLive chat - unlimited conversationsLive chat - conversations with 40,000 usersLive chat - unlimited conversations
AI-supported chatbotsUp to 5 operatorsEmail, 24/5 Live Chat supportCustom number of operators
Visitor detailsEmail, 24/7 live chat supportAll free features includedCustom no. of chatbot engagements
Desktop and mobile appAll free features included35+ Chatbot templatesEmail, 24/5 Live Chat support
Live chat - conversations with up to 50 usersTeam departmentsVisual chatbot editorAll features from Chatbots and Communicator plans

Pros of using Tidio

  1. You can see when an active visitor is on the site

  2. Beautiful and customizable chat interface

  3. Provides a 7-day free plan so you can test out all the amazing features

  4. Tons of integrations to choose from

  5. Easy to set up

  6. Tons of prebuilt templates for different marketing activities

  7. Super affordable

  8. You can create complex chat automation using their intuitive editor

  9. Easy-to-use dashboard

  10. Can be integrated into WordPress, Shopify, and many other platforms.

Cons of using Tidio

  1. Doesn't have a queue to let customers know where they stand with operators (the team is working on this).

My Tidio rating

Before we get to my ratings, here's a quick note:

Tidio has a deeper learning curve. To help you uncover the hidden gems, I created an eBook guide. Get it here.

✔️ My rating: 5/5

1. Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey Features, Pricing and Review 2023

Mobile Monkey is the number #1 sales outreach automation platform for creator + B2C data prospecting, used by over 1 million businesses worldwide. It lets businesses conduct inbound and outbound sales outreach across various communication channels, including Facebook messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Email, and SMS.

Why use Mobile Monkey?

The tool is perfect for social media managers with multiple accounts who have to respond to all inquiries. I started using it recently to manage my own accounts and my experience has been great!

Its sales outreach automation tool makes it easy to connect with leads and carry out conversations with them even while you're away. You can automate responses based on certain keywords the user sends. You can send mass messages, and also monitor engagements and results. Overall, it is an incredible marketing tool.

Furthermore, you can create custom SMS chatbots that could automatically send a text to your leads when they meet your criteria. This is great for automating and managing sales processes.

"The features are spot-on, and the platform is quite attractive. Perfect for social media managers with multiple accounts" - Customer review of Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey Features

  1. Customizable chatbots

  2. Analytics to measure conversion results

  3. Built-in task manager

  4. Email tracking & automation

  5. CRM integration

  6. Bulk SMS campaigns allowed

  7. Drip sequences

  8. Automatic text replies

  9. Live chat integration

  10. Role-based access

Mobile Monkey Pricing

Mobile Monkey has three pricing tiers:

InstaChamp VIP ($0/m)InstaChamp Platinum ($9.95/m)Mobile Monkey Startup ($199/m)
DM autorespondersQ &A keywords and DM autoresponders1 multi-channel inbox
Q & A keywords50 branding-free sendsFacebook and Instagram ad automation
250 contacts1000 contacts3000 contacts
Send text and images in DMDM response for unlimited keywordsDrip campaigns for Instagram and FB
Story Mention + 5 Story repliesCollect phone no and emails in DMZapier and native integrations

Pros of using Mobile Monkey

  1. Powerful automation feature for email, SMS, and Meta apps

  2. In-App messaging with built-in live chat

  3. You can customize chat colors, text, and logo to suit your brand image

  4. Knowledgebase for employee reference during call conversations

  5. Capture and organize leads from conversations

  6. Send bulk SMS & automated replies

  7. Tons of apps and integrations

  8. Send triggered sequence of automated messages in a predefined schedule

  9. Test your chatbot before deploying it live

Cons of using Mobile Monkey

Honestly, I have no complaints about Moblie Monkey. Overall, my experience with the platform has been great. Some might consider it pricy, but for me, it’s surely worth its price.

My Mobile Monkey rating

Mobile Monkey is an amazing sales outreach automation tool with tons of features for inbound and outbound sales outreach as well as hundreds of integrations, including WhatsApp, FaceBook, Instagram, and SMS.

✔️ My rating: 5/5

Try Mobile Monkey today using this link


There we have it - my five chatbot platforms are FlowXO, Chatfuel MayChat, Tidio, and Mobile Monkey. Having used the last two for my clients, I surely recommend both of them.

The awesome thing about Tidio and Mobile Monkey is that they both come with free trails, allowing you to test and see if they're a good fit.

If you're interested in Tidio, grab your eBook guide here to get started.

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