10 Great Websites To Learn CSS

10 Great Websites To Learn CSS

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CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are sheets which consists of rules which the browser uses to design the HTML page.

Learning CSS can be fun if the right platform is used, which is why I have taken time out to make this list.

Below are 10 amazing sites to learn CSS:

  1. CSS-Tricks.

CSS Tricks is one of the most popular sites for learning how to implement CSS.

You can learn a lot about CSS concepts such as what image sprites etc. You also find helpful articles on CSS there.

2 CSS on Delicious.

The CSS tag on Delicious is a great way to find popular links that relate to CSS. It allows you to see what people are currently reading.

3 W3Schools CSS Tutorials.

W3Schools CSS is one of the most detailed lessons out there for anyone who is looking to learn the basics of CSS.

The tutorials are also vastly simplified with a lot of examples and usages. The platform also has a runtime environment where you can run the code and see the output

4 CSS-Discuss.

CSS-Discuss is essentially a community of CSS enthusiasts who contributed content bordering on modern CSS designs and practices.

The CSS-Discuss Wiki is a comprehensive collection of real-world usage of CSS.

5 FreeCodeCamp.

FreeCodeCamp is one of the best places to find simple,useful and up-to-date articles on CSS.

6 CSS at MaxiDesign.

At MaxDesign, you can find Russ Weakley’s brilliant set of CSS-related tutorials which teaches you about responsive web design patterns

7 CSS Basics.

CSS Basics contains chapter based lessons on the basics of CSS.

Their tutorials are detailed, up-to-date and very easy to follow.

8 CodeCademy.

CodeCademy provides a very good and detailed course for learning CSS.

9 CSS Dog.

CSSDog has an area with in-depth CSS lessons for both beginners and advanced web designers.

Also, their detailed CSS Reference section – which lists quick guides and color references – can also be very handy.

These sites contains valuable resources on CSS and every web designers should check out at least one of them.

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Thanks for reading.

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